Shenzhen Sunway Culture Media Co. Ltd. (Abbrev: Sunway Media) is a well-known internet video provider dedicated to connecting users worldwide and propagating Chinese culture; with headquarters, marketing channels as well as technical support centres in Beijing, Shenzhen and Chengdu respectively.

The company has established a cloud video streaming and distributing platform globally, with its successful set up of the industry's leading OTT new media operating platform and its overseas linkages in Hong Kong, Singapore, Sydney, Dubai, Amsterdam, Los Angeles, Vancouver and other regions.

Sunway Media's key product namely LINGCOD TV presents the world’s largest overseas Chinese video platform. With its original and genuine video content, clear cloud global and smooth streaming and broadcasting capability as well as extreme sensation of live broadcast, playback and double-screen sharing functions, it has rapidly become overseas Chinese viewers’ first choice platform, widely preferred and chased after by overseas Chinese to watch live broadcasts and drama series. Smart set-top boxes loaded with LINGCOD TV are now found all over the world, making available selected Chinese videos to global viewers at their fingertips.

Sunway Media’s global partner - Botato Electronics Sdn Bhd (1223063-D) is the sole provider of Lingcod TV products and services in Malaysia.

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