Lingcod TV

60+ Live Channels | 7*24 catching up | 100000+H copyrighted content

LINGCOD TV presents the world’s largest oversea Chinese video platform. With its original and genuine video content and its clear loud global and smooth streaming of live broadcast, playback and as well its extreme sensation of live broadcast, playback and double-screen sharing functions, it has quickly become oversea Chinese viewers’ first choice platform, widely loved and chased after by oversea Chinese to watch live broadcasts and drama series.Smart TV boxes loaded with LINGCOD TV are now found all over the world, making available selected Chinese video to global viewers at their fingertips.


Picture Quality up to 4K by H.265

Installation Instructions


Download Lingcod TV installation package by click the “Download” button on this page.


Copy the installation package into mobile storage devices, then connect the device with Android smart TV or USB interface of STB.


Turn TV or STB on to install the package from USB devices by clicking “OK” button.